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Shirkah: Journal of Economics and Business Publishes Second Issue of Volume 5

FEBI News | As a reputable journal reporting results of current studies in the field of Economics and Business, Shirkah: Journal of Economics and Business is continuing its existence by publishing the Second issue of Volume 5 year 2020. Six up-to-dated and interesting articles are presented to grab the readers’ attention on the current issue in Economics and Business.

One of the interesting articles in this issue is written entitled “Indonesian Consumers’ Intention of Adopting Islamic Financial Technology Services”. The study is conducted in response to the rise of Halal lifestyle in the digital era. Hitherto, Islamic Financial Technology companies are in a dire need to figure out the determinants of consumers’ intention in using FinTech services. Drawing on SEM-PLS to analyze the data obtained from an online survey, the results portray that perceived usefulness and interpersonal influence are two keys factors driving the consumers to use Islamic FinTech services. It is also depicted that compatibility positively influences perceived usefulness and perceived ease of use, which in turn, affects the consumers’ attitudes. The results of the study theoretically provide a basic model of consumers’ intention in the context of Islamic FinTech. At the same time, FinTech industry users can use the results of the present study as references to come up with appropriate strategy to deal with the market needs.

Full issue of the current publication is available on the journal website at

Shirkah: Journal of Economics and Business
It is a pleasure to grab your attention that Shirkah: Journal of Economics and Business has already published the current issue of Volume 5 No 2 May-August 2020. The Journal is published by the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business IAIN Surakarta in collaboration with the Indonesian Association of Islamic Economists.

Table of Contents:
Family in Top Management Team and Firm Value: Do Gender and Education of Family Manager Matter?
Hadi Sumarsono

Indonesian Consumers’ Intention of Adopting Islamic Financial Technology Services
Anissa Hakim Purwantini, Fauzul Hanif Noor Athief, Faqiatul Mariya Waharini

Impact of Transparency and Accountability on Trust and Intention to Donate Cash Waqf in Islamic Microfinance Institutions
Zulfikar Ali Ahmad, Rusdianto Rusdianto

Education Level, Spiritual Intelligence, and Love of Money: Do They Correlate to Ethical Perception?
Irma Istiariani, Uliya Arifah

How Ramadan and Global Pandemic Affect Religiosity and Donating Behaviors
A’rasy Fahrullah, Moch. Khoirul Anwar, Ahmad Ajib Ridlwan, Prayudi Setiawan Prabowo, Ach. Yasin

A Critical Review of the Market Efficiency Concept
Karwan Hussein Mustafa, Amanj Mohamed Ahmed


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